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Tong Po Chau Dinghy Racing Series

The Club Dinghy Racing season runs throughout the year, divided into the Autumn, Spring and Summer Series, usually consisting of three or four race days, with two to three races on each day. This is a fun series perfect for those new to racing as well as regular Club racers.


Current Series​

Summer Series 2022 (Notice of Race / Sailing Instructions)

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Sun ​12 June

Sun 26 June
Sun 10  July

Sun 21 Aug

Other Race Documents​
  • ABC Dinghy Race Flags click download HERE

  • Latest Dinghy Handicap List HERE

  • Explanation of the ABC Handicap System HERE 

Past Series

Spring Series 2022 

Sun 24 Apr & Sun 22 May Results 

Autumn Series 2021


Summer Series 2021

29er and Div A Results / Optimist Results

Spring Series 2021

29er and Div A Results / Optimist Results

Autumn Series 2020

Results Optimist / DIV A Race / PY Handicap Series / ABC Handicap Series    

Opening up one day races

Sun 6 Sep Results Div A / Optimist

Summer Series 2020

Sun 7 June             Racing Postponed due to weather

Sun 5 July              Day ResultsSeries Results

Sun 9 August         Racing Cancelled

Spring Series 2020 

Sun 23 February     Racing Postponed due to weather

Sun 8 March            Day Results

Sun 19 April            Racing Cancelled

Sun 17 May             Day ResultsSeries Results

Autumn Series 2019

Sun 8 September    Results

Sun 13 October       Results

Sun 3 November     Results

Sun 17 November   Results

                       Series Scores

Photo Gallery
Photos by Felix Mak
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Online Entry 

Complete this online entry to also reserve an ABC dinghy for hire for this series


[The term 'Helm' and/or 'Person in Charge' refers to the person, whether or not the owner of the boat, who is designated on the Entry Form as such and who is in charge of the boat during the race. The Helm is responsible for the crew before and after, as well as during each race in compliance with the ABC Dinghy Standard Sailing Instructions.]

I understand that this entry is subject to the approval of the Organising Authority.

I agree to abide by the Rules as outlined in point 1 of the ABC Dinghy Standard Sailing Instructions.

I have read and understood RRS Fundamental Rule 4 - Decision to Race.

I acknowledge that it is my sole responsibility to ensure compliance with the following:-

1. The Helm is entirely responsible for his/her boat's safety, and nothing, whether in the Tong Po Chau Dinghy Racing Series Notice of Race or ABC Standard Dinghy Sailing Instructions or anywhere else, reduces this responsibility.

2. It is for the Skipper to decide whether his/her boat is fit to sail in the conditions in which she will find herself. By going to sea the Skipper confirms that his/her boat is fit for those conditions and that the crew is competent to sail and compete in them.

3. The boat is required to hold adequate insurance and in particular to hold insurance against third party claims at least to a minimum cover required under Hong Kong SAR law. ABC members or cadets using club boats will be insured by the organising authority.

4. Nothing done by the organisers can reduce the responsibility of the Helm, Crew or boat, nor will it make the organisers responsible for any loss, damage, death or personal injury however it may have occurred, as a result of the boat taking part in the race. The organisers encompass everyone helping to run the race, and include the Organising Authority, the Race Committee, the Race Officer, the starting and finishing officials and the Aberdeen Boat Club Limited.

5. The provision of safety boats does not relieve the Skipper of his/her responsibilities.

I have read the Notice of Race and confirm that I agree to its provisions and that my boat will conform to its requirements throughout the event. I agree to be bound by the ABC Standard Dinghy Sailing Instructions. Before racing I will ensure that my crew is aware of the undertakings in this declaration.

Online Entry
Optimist Results
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