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Dinghy Summer Series Race Day 3

Race Report and photos by Felix Mak (Race Officer)

Apart from high temperature, and big waves, it was a great day for the race. Steady 6-8 kt SWS breeze, which make a easy life for being a Race Officer to offer 3 races on the day. Course #8 was set

Race 1

A few boats were too late to join the 1st race which started on time at 1330hrs, but we still had 4x Laser 2000 and 1x Laser Standard at the start line.  John Berry's Laser 2000 was the 1st one crossed the start line. Sjoerd Hoekstra's Laser 2000 strategy was to break from the pack and tack to right half of the course, which paid off and was the 1st boat reaching the windward mark. On the 2nd windward leg, Thomas Berry's Laser Standard was the 1st boat to go to the right half of the course and also paid off. Unfortunately, he was capsized, cause some damage I believe and need to retire from the race. At the end, John Berry took the line honours.

Race 2

3x RS Feva and one more Laser 2000 joined the race. Unfortunately Oscar Wong's Feva was caught On Course Side at the start, but returned and restarted in time. Casey Law's Feva took the lead to round the 1st windward mark and hoisted the gennaker for downwind leg, however, in the light wind it seems it didn't pay off as all other boats caught up by flying goose-wing straight down wind.  Alex Orange's Laser L2000 was capsized near the windward mark and cost him lots of time. On 2nd downwind leg, Joseph Law's Laser 2000 was in the lead, however, John Berry's never give up attitude made him the 1st boat round the leeward mark and he led the fleet all the way to the finishing line.

Another unfortunate incident occurred at the leeward mark where Oscar Wong in the Feva protested Alex Orange's Laser 2000 at the leeward mark on not providing enough room when rounding the mark. However, the protest was later withdrawn.

Race 3

Good start for race 3 and Sjoerd Hoekstra Laser 2000 took the lead and rounded the windward mark first and followed tightly by the other Laser 2000s and Casey Law in the Feva. After the 1st lap John Berry lost count and thought he'd finished the race but quickly realised the mistake, however this still cost him at least 10 boat lengths and passed the lead to Alex Orange. Meanwhile Casey Law in the Feva, even in the slower boat rating, still managed to lead the fleet on the final downwind leg and took the line honours. John Berry fought back and was leading the Laser 2000s before the finish line, however, it seemed he was having issues with his dagger board which let Sjoerd and Alex take the 2nd and 3rd place behind the Feva.

This wraps up the Summer Series. The Autumn Series will start on the 8th September. The Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions will be posted on the website later this month.

Autumn Series Dates

8 September

13 October

3 November

17 November

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