Club Laser 2000 Dinghies for sale

The Club’s four Laser 2000 dinghies are now for sale. The objective is for these boats to go to new owners who will be active users of the boats.

Stage 1

Priority for these will go to ABC members who make a confirmed expression of interest by 31 January 2022 with a deposit (charged to their Club account) via the online registration form on this page.


Stage 2

If more than four confirmed expressions of interests are received, then priority will go to the most active sailors in the 2020 calendar year. This can be demonstrated by either boat hires or attendance on ABC organised sailing courses.


Stage 3

Once buyers are confirmed they will be invited to Middle Island in the order of which their expression of interest were submitted online to choose their Laser 2000. The four dinghies are of a similar standard. Each boat includes a set of used training sails and used racing sails. The dinghies will be sold as seen. The cost per L2000 is set at HK$25,000. Hardstand space will be allocated and members will be required to sign a hardstanding agreement and pay the monthly fee of $300/month. Boats do not need to be kept at Middle Island and new owner can choose to move the boat elsewhere at their own expense.


Stage 4

The final payment shall be made and a hardstanding agreement shall be signed before the official handover of the dinghies. This should be completed by 28 February 2022.



**If the dinghies are not sold to ABC members by 28 February 2022 then they will be offered to the public, but they will not be allocated a hardstand space at ABC Middle Island unless the new owner joins as a new member to ABC.

Register your intention to purchase here

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I have read and agree to the purchase procedure outlined opposite/above. 

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